Friday, December 14, 2007

Oh my aching checkbook

Sarah's Yarns is going to be increasing the price of their Jaggerspun yarns. The manufacturer is going to be charging them more, so they have to charge us more. The increases take effect Monday. Sooooooooo I ordered two cones of yarn. lol I got a cone of Mainline 2/8 in Claret and Mainline 2/20 in Admiral. I also got a free color card and to get free shipping, I ordered a White Lies pattern. I forget just which one at the moment. It's a shell top. Not one of the real flouncy ones. I really lover their designs but I can do without the flared sleeves that most of them have. I suppose I could just figure out how to do them straighter, but well I'm lazy. :OP

Ok, I need to hit the sack. It was a long day and there are two to go yet.

Cross your fingers that my lil mousie guest will get himself dead tonight. I hate mice. *grumble*

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Diane said...

We use the "let the cat out to kill the mouse" routine at my house.

Go for peanut butter on the trap. Those little rodents love peanut butter.