Thursday, December 13, 2007

Winter sucks

More ice storms hitting Iowa. The ice in the driveway is 2 inches thick. Thankfully Dad is going to finish clearing it for me. Cause I get to go to work today. Oh joy. I had not planned on going to work today but I got a call from Dad that Mom wants me there. *sigh*

When I went to go to work yesterday my car was totally encased in ice. Umm I didn't think to try and clear the car the day before. I had only tried to clear the ice in the driveway with no success. In my efforts to clear the car off, I fell on my ass. My right arm is bruised up and I've got a nasty scrape on my wrist. it's now infected too. Poured some peroxide on it earlier and damn near bit my tongue it hurt so bad. I've got to figure out a way to keep my work gloves from rubbing on it or it is going to be sore as hell by Sunday night. I'm having troubles getting bandages to stick.

I knit the kid another hat the other day. It's of course not what my folks think is right for him. Doesn't fit just right. Isn't the right color. *sigh* Let's see my mom knit him a damn hat. Oh that's right, she doesn't know how to knit or even crochet.

Garh I'm just feeling grumbly right now. I didn't sleep well last night at woke up at 5:30. I had hoped to take a small nap before my dad came over to shovel, but instead I have to go take a shower and go to work. Then it will be time to go get the kid and then go to the store. I need to get some traps or poison for the kitchen. I have a mouse in the house. Saw it last night running in front of the bathroom door. Which is no where near the dang kitchen which is where I thought the lil shit was confining itself cause that is where the food is. I hate mice.

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