Tuesday, March 01, 2016

A short one

As y'all might remember, my health has always been iffy. I have lots of stomach issues. IBS is the biggest one. Lately I've been having serious issues with heartburn. I just started on Nexium to see if that helps. I think the heartburn is mostly my body not liking the Halls that I've been sucking down because of this stupid cold I've had for nearly a month now.

This cold just won't go away. I'll have days that aren't too bad. Maybe just a slight general achiness. Other days I can barely breath because of the snotfest going on in my head. I've had a couple days lately where catching my breath is not an easy thing. Thus the eating of the Halls to keep my head clear. And this leads to the heartburn.

For the second time in as many weeks I've missed a day of work because I spent my morning throwing up because of sinus drainage and heartburn. The Nexium says to take it in the morning before eating but I don't eat until I'm at work and it's well after I'm feeling like shit. So I'm going to take it at night before I eat dinner. Since it's supposed to work for 24 hrs this should leave me ok in the morning so I'm not missing more work.

I should have looked at other types of throat lozenges when I was at the store but the Halls does a really good job of opening my sinuses up. I've just been munching on Tums like crazy to keep down the acid. No amount of water is helping at all. There are days I'm filling my water bottle 3 times. This is coming from someone that barely drinks anything from their water bottle during the winter. I have to have my water cold and I can't drink cold water if I'm chilly. During the summer I drink tons of water at work. I bought a second water bottle to make sure I stay hydrated this summer.

I'm really, really hoping this damn cold will wear itself out soon. I've only had a few days where the symptoms were really bad. Mostly just an itchy throat and icky sinuses. I've not even really run a fever at all. I only had one day of an actual sore throat. I'm just kind of tired a lot and feel kind of weak. Every once in awhile I'll just kind of drop from being not too bad to being totally exhausted and weak and just wanting to curl into a ball and sleep. If I'm lucky to be at home I just lay down for a bit. At work I just take an extended bathroom break because the fatigue usually doesn't last too terribly long.

I'm sure what is keeping me sick is that the weather in Iowa is just being nuts lately. One day it's in the 50s and the next we have snow again. I need the cold and wet shit to go away like yesterday.

Ok, I'm done whining. It's just about time to grab a shower and get to bed. Well I'll do all that as soon as my brat of a child is done with his shower that he should have taken half an hour ago. lol

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