Saturday, March 11, 2006

blah blah de blah blah

Bloglines is being a pain. They are having trouble getting feeds from at least half the blogs I read.

Nick's red gansey is being preempted. While looking at yarn at Michael's today, my hand hit some Bernat Softee Baby and my heart stopped. Yes it is acrylic but OMG it is soft. I bought a skein of the blue and one of white. I'm using one of Lucia's pattern generators to create a v-neck pullover for him. For once, I'm actually swatching. hehe If it turns out nice, I just may end up making myself a sweater too. I'll probably add in the blue and white variegated for a third stripe color for mine.

Got some temp work for a week at a factory I've been to before. My poor left arm is sooooo sore. Because my wrist was, and still is, sore I was using my forearm to lift stuff. My arm is all bruised up. I ran into the freakin doorknob again too. They need to take the springs off the door into the warehouse. At least one time for each job I run into the damn thing.

Time for some more sleep. I'm beat.

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