Friday, March 17, 2006

more pictures

Finally pictures of Nick's sweater.

The boy is a total ham. He thinks it is cute when he squints his eyes even though I yell at him not to do it. hehe And yes he has his pajama pants on. The shirt he has on is like 2 sizes too big so the sweater is actually the right length.

I still have to get rid of some extra fabric on the sleeve seams. I'm going to use a real short stitch and go back and forth and cross my fingers that the yarn won't unravel when I cut it off. hehe

Now excuse me while I go pretend to work on finishing the fair isle bag. :OP Who knows, I may end up working on my shawl, the baby socks or Nick's new sweater.


FaeryCrafty said...

Great job! He looks very handsome :)

Jon said...

That sweater is great but I do have a question. What ever possessed you to do a white button band for a kid? I'm just askin...

Elizabeth said...

Why is it that kids think they have to squint to smile? I finally learned not to say "Smile" but rather to ask the kid to tell me a joke. Then, I often get a nice natural smile out of him. Both my boys are the same.

His sweater suits him wonderfully. He'll grow into the sleeves.