Thursday, March 30, 2006


OMG I'm freakin tired. Last night I dang near fell asleep working on my shawl. I only got 2 rows done. I was in bed by 9:30. Sheesh I must be getting old or something. hehehehe

No progress picture of the shawl. It doesn't look any different than the last picture. I cast on my fuzzy green hat. No picture of that either cause right now it is about 1/2 inch of pale green furry ribbing. hehe I making Odessa by Grumperina. I'm using some lime green glass seed beads instead of pearl beads. The color is very close to the yarn. I'm hoping that they will be visible through the fur. hehe

I had planned on getting the hat a little farther today. I had a doctors appointment after work but I had about 45 minutes to sit and knit. Or so I thought I would. For the first time that I can remember, I actually got into an appointment before the scheduled time. Hell I was out of the clinic before the appointment was scheduled to start. hehe It was just a check back on my cholesterol. The doc put me on Lipitor and I had blood work done last week. The stuff actually works. My bad cholesterol went down 20 points. It's still high, so I have to keep taking the pills. As if I need more pills. hehe

The doctor is also sending me to physical therapy. Who knew that physical therapy could help with dizzy spells. Sometimes when I turn my head or moved backwards I get dizzy. It goes away real fast but it is way annoying. He says that I may have calcium deposits or something in my ears. Never heard of that. He thinks that they come loose and knock around the hairs that regulate balance. The exercises are supposed to knock the deposits into an area of my ear where they can't disturb the hairs. shrug We shall see.

The therapists are supposed to help me out with my back too. What I really need is a damn boob job. The damn things are too big. HAHAHA I'm loosing weight but not where I want to loose it most. I really am having back pains now though. I guess my body just forgot what it was like to work. Damn I wish I could forget forever. hehehe

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