Sunday, March 26, 2006


Various pictures for y'all to see.

A bootie I may or may not give to my sister.

Some baby yarn that I'll be making hats out of. Click the picture for details.

The yummy Lorna's Laces sock yarn I just got in the mail. Can't wait to play with this stuff.

And now some pics of the shawl. I decided not to kill it. hehehe I used a size 0 Addi to pick up a plain purl row and frogged it back. I knit about 20 rows last night and today.

I've gotten more Addis off of eBay. Love em. I splurged and got myself a swift off of Joann's. I used the 40% off coupon they had last week. Ended up being an ok deal I think. I also picked up copies of A Gathering of Lace and The Knitting Experience Book 3: Color off of Amazon. I've got the lace bug and I so want to do some real fair isle work. Hell I just need to sit my butt down away from the computer and knit. hehe

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