Monday, June 12, 2006


Working 50+ hours a week isn't good for knitting or sleeping. I'm one pooped chicky.

I've been workin on the I Do shrug again. I had ripped it out and started over again when I got the 16" Addis that I ordered. It is just looking way too wide at the cuff. Yeah, I know it is supposed to be a bell sleeve, but I'm not feelin it. I'm going to rip it yet again and see if it looks better with fewer repeats. If that doesn't solve the problem, I'll try switching to the cotton thread.

I had one hell of a day today. I got saw dust in my eye from a wooden pallet. I tried flushing it, but it didn't work. The medical guy at work had to take me to a clinic to have my eye flushed. The doc said there weren't any scratches. It feels like I spent a really long night in a smokey bar. Because I was taken to the clinic and my employer was footing the bill, I had to take a drug test. All this because I blinked at the wrong time. hehe Lost 2 1/2 hours of work time for it too.

Time to get my tired as to bed. Hopefully I'll stay asleep tonight. yeah right!!

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