Monday, June 26, 2006

The sun shines again

Well the weekend job doesn't look like it will materialize. The chick in charge of temp jobs in that area tends not to give "guy" jobs to females. I don't care if I get hot or dirty. I just want a freakin job damn it.

The guy in charge of another place I used to work called and offered me one day of work. He couldn't promise any other hours. I told him to give me a call when he can provide more hours. I would really like to go back there. It's an ok place to work.

What was that?

You came for the sunshine?

Oh, yeah, that.

I did get another offer for at least four days of work. I'll be working 8 til 5. The lady that was watching Nick before, has agreed to watch him again. He isn't happy about it. He is insisting on bringing a picture of us together when he was a baby.

I would share, but it sucks. Well he looks cute. But me? Not so much

So, I'll be busy for the next couple of days. I don't think I'll be knitting much. I really don't want to take a bag along with me.

I'm getting closer to finishing the right side of the I Do shrug. A few more inches to go. I suppose if I hadn't of added some more repeats down the back, I would be working on the left side by now. Shit I have no clue if this is even gonna work out anyway. sigh

I started messing with a mitered scrap afghan out of worsted acrylic. I've got like 4 squares done. Then it hit me that it would probably be a good pattern for a baby blanket.

Sooo out came some pastel acrylic yarn. I haven't even gotten one square done. Hell I may end up just adding it to the scrap afghan. It all depends. I should just get out some big ass needles and whip up a couple blankets for the new lil ones in the family.

Nooooooo I'm not havin a kid!!!!!!

I've got one. That is enough for right now. You will hear talk of a wedding way the hell before you will hear about me havin another kid. Shit, I still have to find a man to even think of that stuff. hehehe

Ok, off to bed. At least I don't have to be up at 3am this time though. hehe

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