Friday, June 16, 2006


I'm sitting here stunned.

After working my ass off for the last 4 months and not a word from my supervisor, I got terminated over the phone by the temp agency. Well the temp agency hasn't fired me, but the job that I've been workin my ass off at for the last 4 months is gone.

I worked 50 freakin hours this week. My supervisor walked by me at least 4 times today and said nothing. I was supposed to be to work at 5am tomorrow to work another 8 hour shift.

When the lady at the temp agency pressed him, he said that I have an attitude problem and don't work hard enough or get along with others well. Yes, when someone antagonizes me, I push back.

At least I do know that the one woman that was driving me and everyone else crazy isn't going back either. She is Columbian and doesn't speak very good English. She won't listen when someone tells her what she needs to do but interrupts repeatedly. I did snap at her this morning because she wouldn't listen to me. She was 'helping' me, but causing me to work twice as hard.

I'm still just completely blown away. Monday is the kid's birthday and I had plans for what I wanted to get him and was planning a trip with him. He is going to miss out on it all now. I'm going to have to put his bike on my credit card and he will only be able to have one other present. He can forget about going to see Cars or going to the circus next weekend. Thankfully, I hadn't yet mentioned going out of town to the zoo or to the aquarium. It would have been our first real trip out of town and staying at a hotel and all.

I guess tomorrow I'll be going through all of my cross stitch and crochet stash and putting lots of it up on eBay. I've got loads of Barbie clothes patterns and afghan patterns that I won't be using. I've also got lots of crochet thread that I won't ever use. I've got too much hand pain to do thread crochet any more. I'll post links when I get the stuff up.

I'm off to have a beer.


FaeryCrafty said...

Just keep telling yourself. It will get will get better...that's what I have been doing.

Jon said...

Hey! You know what? How about you take the kid to Cars on me? I'll send you some money via's that sound?

Becky in Iowa :O) said...

Y'all are the best. It's nice to shed good tears for once. hehe