Sunday, June 25, 2006

To share the good

As y'all know, a week ago Friday I lost my assignment of 4 months. It really had me thrown for a loop because Nick's birthday was 2 days away and because I had really hoped to be hired there.

I belong to a couple charity knitting groups and I wrote to one of them asking for prayers. I just needed to 'hear' someone say it would be all right. They were wonderful about sending hugs of support. All of y'all were great too.

Well, last Sunday, I was gone all day and wasn't near my computer. Unbeknownst to me, the owner of the knitting group decided to ask the members to take up a collection for Nick's birthday. When I got home and checked my mail, there was a note from the owner confessing what she had done. I, of course, bawled.

Long story short. Monday night, the owner transferred nearly $150 to be spent on Nick. Waterworks ensued again.

I didn't get Nick the bike I had been fixated on. I know the lil booger won't ride it unless it has training wheels on it. I'll be damned if I give in on it though. I think my dad is gonna look for a used bike and do a Calvin on him.

I did get him an assortment of Bionnicles, a transformer, a Rugrats dvd, a Backyardigans book and a 1st grade learning program for the computer. He still hasn't put together all the Bionnicles. The parts are currently laid out in my parent's basement. My dad is helping him put them together cause Nick mixed the parts up. hehehe

We extended the birthday fun to Tuesday and I took Nick to see Cars. That movie is a hoot. We had a total blast.

I did want to smack the shit out of the woman who brought 6 kids with her and sat right in front of me. At one point her youngest kept whining about wanting to go potty. Well she took her once, came back and the kid wouldn't shut up about wanting to go again. Rather than taking her out of the theater, she moved to a seat behind us and kept mumbling to the kid to hush.

I firmly believe that if your child will not hush and behave in a movie, you need to remove the child from the theater until they agree to behave. Yes, you may miss a bit of the movie but that is better than making everyone else listen to your brat screeching.

Anyways, I have a line on a job where my dad works. I would work 6am til 6pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and be paid for a full 40 hours. It would leave the rest of the week free for me to sit on my ass. hehehe Plus, the job would pay $2 an hour more than I was making at my last job.

I was thinking that maybe I would help out at the sub shop during the day for some extra money too. Unfortunately, I know they would insist on having me agree to work one weekend a month. Not even close to happening. They pay minimum wage. Loved workin there but it just ain't worth it.

Oh well, I'm off to finish watching the match between England and Ecuador. Then off to watch the NASCAR race. Who the hell thought I would ever be interested in sports. HA HA HA

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