Sunday, June 04, 2006

Life gets crazy

The chick next door that used to watch my son after school has moved out. I'm just waiting on her boyfriend to get out of jail and get his crap out too. Please pray that a nice quiet family moves in. I'm just sick of having loud music thumping throughout my apartment late into the night when I'm not the one partying.

Overtime season is gearing up at my job. I pretty much got told that I either start working some of the 5AM overtime or I'll be replaced on my machine. Dudes, it is one of the only sane areas in the building. There has been lots of griping about the overtime and managements inability to get their act together. All I know is that it is making some people very edging. I don't deal well with edgy people when I'm hormonal. There has been lots of bickering that has ended up with me turning into a total emotional mess.

I really haven't been working on the I Do shrug or the green headband. Who knew that working with alpaca/wool when it is hot out and your hands are all sweaty sucked ass so bad. While the pattern repeat for I Do is fairly easy to follow, it just doesn't make good work knitting. I keep forgetting where I am in the repeat. For some reason I haven't been doing much knitting at my folk's house either. Not sure why other than being tired as hell.

I have been working on a headband using the bright funky sock yarn I just used for my wave socks. I'm using a miniature version of the snake scarf pattern. I've got that part done and now I'm picking up stitches around the edges to add some ribbing and then some ties. It's just some mindless knitting that keeps my hands moving. Because it is so thin, I've been working on knitting backwards so I don't have to turn and purl. I think I've finally gotten the hang of that first stitch so it isn't all distorted. I'll get some pictures when it is finished.

Time to hit the sack. I'm pooped.

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