Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I feel so old

My son is getting way way too grown up.

His class is planning to go to see Charlotte's Web on the 17th. The permission slip, along with the $9 fee, was due today. I had sent a check yesterday along with the slip, but I didn't mention it to Nick. Today I got a note from his teacher. Turns out that Mr. Nick emptied out his piggy bank and took nine one dollar bills to school today. He gave the money to his teacher and said it was for the movie. He never said one word to me about whether his fee had been paid. He just took it upon himself to pay for it himself.

How many 7 yr olds out there think about that sort of thing. He wanted to go to the movie so badly, he decided to pay for it himself. I had a nice long conversation with him tonight. I let him know that I would pay for anything that has to do with school. He doesn't have to worry about any of it. I made him put his money all back in his piggy bank. I also told him that we would see what other movies are playing this weekend and maybe we would go see one. I have no clue what is playing right now. I haven't been to the movies in a couple months.

On a completely different note, I went looking for the light blue alpaca because I'm just about to run out and the scarf is far from finished. I still have no clue where it is at. I have an underbed storage tote full of yarn and thought maybe I had stashed it in there. I was just a tad bit shocked when I opened it up. Y'all, I have some really nice yarn in there. I tell ya, I forgot how much yarn I've bought in the last year. I really need to borrow mom's camera and do a little inventorying. I'm not even sure what all of it is other than to say that it is most likely wool sock yarn for the most part. hehe Maybe I should buy into this stash knitting deal. Or maybe I should get busy and actually knit a little more and stay off the pc so much. That way more yarn would be used up so I could buy even more yarn. hehe

And now, I'm off to bed. I swear I need to win the lottery so that I can stop getting up at 4am. hehe

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