Saturday, January 27, 2007

My life is a mess

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I HATE getting up at 4am for work. It is just wearing on me. Every night I fall asleep during the 5:30 news. I'm almost always asleep by 9pm. I swear I feel like I'm 85 yrs old lately.

Ok, work rant is over. Now it is time for the child rant.

He is trying to kill me. He wants my head to explode. I swear it is true.

Last Friday he came home with a huge scrape under his right eye. When he got in the car he refused to let me look at him. He wouldn't tell me what happened cause he said I would laugh at him. Turns out his chair fell off of his desk and hit him in the head and the leg smacked his cheek. By the next morning, he looked like someone beat him up.

Flash ahead to Thursday night. We had only gotten home from my folk's house a half hour before hand. I was tired as hell because it was about 8pm. Nick came running into my room screaming and there was blood in his left eye. Once again, he refused to tell me what happened to him. He said I would be mad and spank him. He was playing with the attachment tubes for the vacume cleaner and smacked himself in the eye. So, he has a black eye and a nice sized scab on his eyelid. He didn't need stitches but he scared the living shit out of me.

No doubt about it, he is my child. He has inherited my total lack of coordination. sigh

To make things even more fun, my step mother found me having lunch at work on Thursday. I haven't spoken to the woman in over a year. I liked it that way. hehe She did manage to give me a bunch of cute pics of my niece and nephew.

This is Bree. Isn't she just the cutest?
Or is Isaiah cuter? hehe I can't tell.
I do know they look more like brother and sister than cousins.

Bree is my brother Nick's daughter and Isaiah is my sister's lil boy. They both just make me grin ear to ear when I see pictures of them.

Speaking of something to make you grin. Or outright laugh. Did you see the new LionBrand newsletter? OMG too funny!!!

Lion coat

Ruffle coat

Mink coat

I feel so darn sorry for this dog. He looks so sad. It's like he is begging for someone to come and save him. hehehe

Ok, I am feeling a little better now. :OP BTW, I finished the green socks. I need to borrow Mom's camera and get some shot of them. I've been working on the red and blue sweater, but after about one row, I'm sound asleep. I just have no energy. I'm also working on a utility shawl to wear around the house. I do believe I'm going to frog it all and start over. I'm not liking the rate of increases. Oh well, we shall see.
Time to go make some dinner. The kid made some popcorn and now I'm starving. hehe

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