Monday, September 26, 2005


I don't really want to know why someone did a search for 'Becky gets fucked'. I'm not even sure I really want to know why that someone chose to click on my blog twice. What I want to know is how the hell I ended up on page 2 of the search results. Ummmmm do I swear that damn bad or often???? I didn't make the list because there is any sex going on in this house. That is for damn sure. Maybe I should do a search on how Becky can get ....... hehehehehehehehe Ok, if I was that damn desperate for it, I could find it without all that much difficulty. I've gotten picky though. Gone are the days when I was ok with just picking up a guy and messin around. sigh Havin a kid sure messes up the ole sex life.

I was hoping to post an update shot of the mystery shawl. Not gonna happen. Ya see, I have to tink back like 5 rows. wwwhhhhaaaaaaaaaa I dropped 2 dang stitches and while I was able to pick the one up, I can't get the other one the right way. I was one repeat of the pattern away from finishing clue 4 of 6. Talk about megasuckdom. I feel like making up words and spellings so bit me. oooo Do it again. hehehehe

I forget if I posted that I ordered 10 skeins of a sage green hemp/wool yarn through the yarn coop I joined. I'm thinking I may order a few skeins of the blue to make a sweater for the kid too. We need to have a certain number of skeins ordered to get the best price and the main order won't be sent until we have the minimum met. So, I haven't actually paid for it yet. Does that count as buying yarn?? lol I just ordered and paid for a ball winder from the same coop. $26 bucks didn't seem like too bad of a price. Not sure how much the shipping is going to come to. Sure wish I could order a swift too. I think the small one is only like $40. I just can't bring myself to spend the money right now. Holy crap!! When did I get all responsible? hehe

Ok, time to go pretend to be comatose for a bit. Hmm maybe I should go check my powerball numbers. Who knows, maybe I'm rich now. Yeah whatever. :OP


Jon said...

You can use a lamp shade as your swift. If you have the kind of lamp that has a harp with a little cap on the end that you screw on top of the shade, you can use that.

Just loosen the cap so that the shade spins freely. Lay your hank over the top of the shade (with the lamp off, of course) and wind away.

FaeryCrafty said...

Haha! Sorry but I had to laugh. That is too funny.

SCarrGo said...

Somebody found my blog by searching "f*cking my stepdaughter", and you KNOW that is not a topic I'm covering!!! HA! I'm just a potty-mouth--oh, and a married a guy who has a daughter. Oops!