Friday, September 09, 2005


I'm sure I'll be even more quiet than usual for a bit. I went back to work on Tuesday for the first time in 4 years. I've been battling excessive fatigue for the last year but omg I've been so freakin tired the last few days. I'm sore as hell too. I've worked in two different facilities and had to stand the whole time each day. Today I tripped coming back from first break, twisted my ankle and fell down on the stair landing. Of course it was the ankle that I sprained this spring. ooowwwwwwwyyyyyyy It wasn't as bad as when I sprained it but oh does it still hurt. I can't find the other cushion for my splint, so my ankle isn't wrapped or anything. I could have worked this weekend but I think I need the time to recuperate from the fall and just from working. LOL

I've been too tired to crochet or knit much. I did work on the pineapple doily I'm working on for Mom. I had to immediately rip out a round but I've gotten back that round and another one, so I'm ahead. I had an interview right after work yesterday. I know someone that works at the facility and she told my dad I would get hired right away. Yeah, right. They are keeping me in mind for a QC job. It could be a week or a month before I hear anything though. sob I so want this job. It would mean being able to have an actual savings account for the first time in so darn long.

Ok enough whining. I have tons of mail to go through. Cross your fingers for me.

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FaeryCrafty said...

Make sure to get some good rest.