Saturday, September 03, 2005

Quick Note

Just a quick note to let y'all know I've started listing my books on eBay. My Auctions If the link doesn't work, search for froddo123. There are only 7 up so far, but I'm just totally wiped out right now. After a little nap, I'll be listing a bunch of crochet and cross stitch magazines and leaflets. The stuff I have up so far are retro and vintage crafts books. I got most of these from my great grandmother but well they aren't my taste and I kept the ones that meant the most to me. I'll also be listing lots of crochet thread but probably not until tomorrow. I've still got a big pile of pattern books and mags to scan covers so I can list them.

Oh and btw, some good news. I applied with a temp service and I'll be starting work on Tuesday and a department store distribution warehouse. The pay isn't too bad and they are flexible on hours. The temp service also said that once there is an opening they will move me to a company that is here in town and makes a little bit more money. I'll save tons of money on gas too. When I head to my folk's house tomorrow I'm going to check and see how far it is from my house. I may be able to walk it without too much trouble. This would real cool. If I can't deal with the number of hours, there is a pizza place here in town that really needs people for days. I'm not sure how much they make but I know it won't be near as much as I'll be getting at the temp jobs. Cross your fingers that I'll be able to stay awake enough to keep working as many hours as possible.

Ok, nap time. The kid has a cold and I have a feeling he is gonna keep me awake tonight.


Anonymous said...
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Jon said...

If you were here, you could temp for my company. The pay is really good.

Good luck with all of that!

When do we get to see some piccies of your knitting?