Friday, September 30, 2005


Well no word this week at all from the temp agency. I got about half the job searches done that I need for Promise Jobs. Got hired at a sub shop part time. The manager is a friend of my mom's. Mom has been telling me for the last couple months to apply there. I'm just a chickenshit and I'm not too hip to work with food. I mean come on, I'm trying to loose weight not gain it. :OP

I finally got my SP5 package mailed out. Hi Beth!! Yep it is officially in the mail finally. I'm sooooo sorry. I promise a surprise just as soon as I get working regularly. Cross your fingers that the warehouse calls me again. I hate to be a brat to Rose the sub shop manager but hell I'm not gonna pass up a full time job that is gonna pay about $10 an hour.

Now back to the whole SP5 thing. I got the final package from my partner last week. Yeah I know, I've been off work all week and had plenty of time to post about it. I'm lazy. Deal with it. hehehe Actually, I'm very absent minded. I get busy doing something and forget about stuff super easy. I'll remind myself to do something on the pc but I'll sit down and something will come up and poof. Bye Bye Brain. To probe how big of a bonehead I am, I'm sitting here trying to find the damn card she sent with her info in it. hehe

Ahhhh found it. My secret pal was Amanda from TwoChicksKnit and Knitsnpieces. I've visited her site a few times in the past. She sent me some yummy yarn. But the cutest part was the car and stickers for the kid. :O) He was just tickled to pieces to get something. He loves getting mail. She sent me 3 skeins of Andean Silk from Knit Picks in Bluebell. Talk about some soft yarn. I think I'll make myself a scarf with it. Not sure which pattern I'll use though. She sent some Cascade 220 in hot pink color #7805. I'm going to have to make a felted mini purse to carry. hehe She also sent some cocoanut lotion that smells divine and a Frodo bookmark. It is way too cool. It has a ring on the tassel and a cool pic of Frodo on it. Gee, I wonder how she knew he is my favorite character in LOTR? lol

Ok, now off to tackle my mounds and mounds of e-mail. I've been staying off-line as much as possible just on the off chance that someone would call with a job. If only I had been sitting here on my fat butt reading when the warehouse called the other day. I would have the job already. sniff sniff I was actually doing dishes and didn't get to the phone fast enough and she was already on the phone with someone else when I called her back.

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