Thursday, September 01, 2005


I am very very glad that I do not have any alcohol in the house tonight. I just watched the NBC nightly news. I have to admit that I bawled through a good portion of it. I swear if I had any money to donate I would send it. Hell if I was actually rich, I would rent a couple passenger vans, fill them with food and water and clothes and drive down there. I would distribute the stuff and fill the vans back up with people and drive them north. I would keep it up until I was out of money. If you have any extra money that you can spare, please please donate it to the Red Cross or something. Make sure you are donating to one of the big charity organizations. There are already reports that the scum is already out and sending out e-mails soliciting donations to fake charities. I pray for their souls, withered and dead as they may be.

Tomorrow night there is going to be a benefit concert on NBC. Please donate if you are able. is hosting some charity tournaments in the coming weeks. Some of the tournaments have low buy in amounts. They are going to be matching dollar for dollar the amount that is raised. With donations and their matching funds, they were able to send $400,000 to the tsunami relief efforts. I pray that they have as good of a turn out this go round.

My own troubles, as overwhelming as they feel right now, pale in comparison to the heartache I’ve witnessed on the news. I would so love to just be able to scoop them right out of there and bring them to safety. If you are in the area and can take someone in, please do so. Yes I know it is scary to take in strangers, but sometimes you have to.

I may be scarce for a bit. I’m having my own financial troubles right now. My parents are going to see how much they can spare to pay on my light bill so that they don’t get shut off. One thing that is scary about living in county housing is that if your utilities ever get shut off for any reason, they evict you. I’ve been here 5 years. I so do not want to move and if I had to right now, I would end up living in my parents basement. Not a good thing on so many levels. Short visits with my dad are all that I can handle. I envy anyone that has a good relationship with both of their parents.

I’ll be applying again for assistance tomorrow and applying for a job at Subway and at a local pizza place that both just opened up. I suppose I could apply at the fast food place across the street, but I have a feeling that I would become very hostile very quickly. There is one teenage guy that works there that just makes me nuts. He looks like he weighs all of about 110 pounds. We are talking skin and bones here. He wears his uniform super super baggy. I swear he belts his damn pants BELOW his ass. I have no idea how they stay up. He has no butt to begin with but I know if here were to sit down without pulling up his pants he would be sitting on his belt. The few times that I’ve gone over there and seen him I have had to restrain myself from going over to him and yanking the damn things down on him. Oh and btw, I’m talking about a skinny white kid living in Iowa for God’s sake. We do not live in a big urban city. I doubt we even have 1000 people in town. WTF?????

On the knitting front, I did cast on for the mystery shawl. I so really need to post the link to the Yahoo group, not that there is a picture that you can go see. LOL I had to rip the whole thing out once. I dropped a bunch of stitches when I was trying to tink back a row because I was way off of where I should have been in the pattern. Thankfully, I was only on row 15. Yeah, I managed to screw it up pretty damn early. None of the crappy stitch markers that I had were comfortable to use on this project. What I’ve been using are the Lion Brand split plastic marker, some small plastic rings or some very tiny jump rings. The first ones were too big and the other two were too small to fit on size 8 needles. So in an effort to distract myself I made some stitch markers. I swear I bought the dang beads and such about 2 months ago and left them in the bag. It took me a couple tries to get something that looked presentable. I started out using straight pins and I could not make a darn loop for the ring to save my life. So I switched over to using the pins that have the little loop on the end. For the rings, what I’m using are toggle clasps for necklaces. Don’t ask me what I’m going to do with all the left over toggle pieces. hehe The rings are big enough to fit on size 13s I’m betting. I don’t use larger needles much though. I’ll try and take some pictures of the markers and my shawl soon.

In other news, I’m going to be listing a bunch of cross stitch and crochet pattern leaflets on Ebay. I haven’t actually done any cross stitch in over 6 years now. I think it’s time to let go of the pattern books. lol My eyesight is not good enough to do cross stitch anymore. I’m cross eyed and trying to count the squares on the fabric and on the pattern is near impossible. When I was at my last job I had one hell of a time reading part numbers on labels and even on the computer. I would literally have to move my finger on the number and count the 1s and 0s in a part number because I saw them doubled. I’ve got some doubles of crochet leaflets. I’ve got at least one of the Precious Moments doll leaflets to list. There are baby afghan leaflets and one or two adult afghan leaflets I think. I may list some crochet thread also. I’ve got a huge bag of thread that I’ve won off of eBay and I have barely used any in the last few months. My hands become quite sore after doing thread crochet for any length of time. I’ll let you know when they are up. My eBay ID is froddo123 btw.

Ok time to do some mail and try to distract myself.

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