Thursday, September 01, 2005

Damn I'm good

I actually finished another project last night. I finished the Branching Out scarf from I'm thinking I may do it again in something other than boucle yarn thank you very much. I haven't blocked it yet and I'm hoping that the pattern will become more pronounced. I really only started the scarf as a way to fuck around with a 'lace' pattern. I've only ever fiddled with small samples of stitch patterns. This was the first actual project I'd attempted.

I did have ulterior motives for finishing the scarf. Ya see, I needed the needles it was on to start the shawl. lol Yeah ok, I have like 8 sets of size 8 circular needles but I would have to clean in order to find them. Clean and I do NOT get along. I feel anxious if the house is too clean. My folk's house always looks like something out of a magazine spread. It rarely looks like someone actually lives there. I mean come on people who the hell has everything neat and tidy one freakin week after moving???? My folks are wacked in the damn head. So, since I don't do drugs or even really drink, I rebel by being messy. I mean come on it isn't cause I'm lazy. Nahhhh not me. :OP

Ok, I'm not really lazy, I'm a procrastinator with a bad memory. I forget stuff if I'm not looking right at the info and even then I can forget it. Seriously, I can be thinking about something I have to do for like an hour before I'm going to do it. I get up to do it and something catches my eye. And off I go to just move this out of the way first or put something in the other room. The next thing I know I'm halfway to town or it's 2 hours later and I remember what it was I went off to do in the first damn place. This is just fucked cause I'm only 33 y'all. Ok I did suffer a brain injury at 21. Convertible = not good to flip. Nasty things ensue when you land on the back of your head after being flung out of a car. I just know I'm going to end up with Alzhimers. No for once, I'm not being a smart ass. I know I'm going to end up like my great grandmother. The woman was nuttier than a damn fruitcake by the time she died. She was a hoot when my aunts and uncles got her drunk though.

I'm working on designing patterns for preemie booties and top knot hats. Once I get the kinks worked out and a couple sizes written up I'll post the patterns to my crochet site. I think I'll work the booties up in crochet too. I don't know if the stem for the top knot would be flexible enough in crochet, so I may not do a crocheted version of the hat. We shall see. I've got a couple of crocheted mini tote bags that I want to write the pattern up for too. I might actually have the one pattern started to be written up in my old pattern notebook, but in order to find out, we would have to deal with the cleaning thing. I have no earthly clue where the notebook is at right now. hehe I'm a notebook hoarder. I buy tons of notebooks during the back to school sales. My son loves to get ahold of them and fill them up with drawings. Believe me it was a trip showing up to class and open my notebook to find page after page of the kid's drawings. hehe

OK, I'm off to do a bit more mail before I pass out and take a nap. I've got to get into town and get groceries before the kid gets home. I've also got to get to the gas station and fill the truck up before they raise the price again. I so love the first of the month. I don't think there will be yarn money this month though. :O(

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