Saturday, October 15, 2005

We interrupt

your regular blogging schedule to report that our hardware is experiencing some technical difficulties. Do not panic. A replacement system is being set up until the main system can be repaired. I repeat, do not panic.

Yup, we have system meltdown in froddo land. The fan on my power supply is DOA. Thankfully, my PC wasn't on when it died. I shut down my system before heading to work and when I got home it wouldn't start up. It took me awhile to figure out the problem since my troubleshooting guide is a piece of shit. hehe It is going to take me at least 2 weeks before I can get a replacement. I'll be getting a check from the sub shop on Thursday but I doubt it is going to be very much. It will be 2 weeks before I get a check from the hardware store. I'm not sure if it will be for one week or two though. So, it may be a month before I can get a power supply. whaaaa

I've got Nick's PC in here and I'm trying to install my ISP and messengers. I've temporarily installed AOL so I can download this stuff. It totally sucks for page loading but the download speed it pretty good for programs. I'm so glad my folks gave him this PC cause I don't think I could deal with a month of no computer at all. hehe I'm every so slightly addicted. Big surprise. hehe

Y'all are going to have to wait to see pics of the kid's bald spot. I don't think this hard drive is going to be big enough to install the software for my camera on it. Nick has tons of games on here. Relax, 95% of them are educational programs. They have really helped him with his reading and math. I'm amazed at the words he can read cause I know some of them I didn't teach him.

Cross your fingers that I can find $40 bucks in my budget to fix my hunk of crap PC. :OP

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FaeryCrafty said...

Fingers crossed :)