Sunday, October 02, 2005

No witty topic

Finally got myself a ball winder. :O) I love your idea of using a lampshade as a swift, Jon. Very cool. Tomorrow I'm going to head to St. Vincent's and look for a lamp. I only have one here at the house and it's shade isn't very big. There is that and it is a glass one. My folks and my aunt bought it for me for Christmas a few years back and I really don't want to damage it. Each glass panel has wolves on them. I'm a big wolf fanatic. I'm turning into a sheep fanatic now too. hehe

I'm cranking away on the mystery shawl. I didn't have to tink back quite as far as I thought I was going to have to. I've got about 4 rows before I'm finished with this chart. Only 2 more to go after that. There was a knot in the skein I added the other day. grrrrr I'm so not liking how it looks where I added in the new end. I'll go back and unweave one of the ends a bit and move it I guess. Maybe I'll get a picture of it when I go to Mom's today. Don't go holding your breath though. hehe

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Rambling Rose Cottage said...

I stumbled upon your blog. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you.