Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Well Jon, the finished object is the mystery shawl. I posted the link to it like a week ago I think. I'm too tired to go searching for it right now. :OP I took some pics of the kid wearing the shawl tonight. Unfortunately I can't find the software disk for my camera. That means no pictures for y'all until I get my pc fixed. I get my first paycheck from the hardware store on Friday. If it is big enough, I'll get the power supply this weekend. Otherwise, it will be another 2 weeks before my pc will be running.

My dad is totally pissed that I'm using the kid's computer. He doesn't think I keep the house clean enough and that if I have the energy to be on the computer that I should have the energy to clean the house. I'm sorry but it takes way more energy to clean the bathroom than it does to sit on my ass and type. hehehe

I'm not actively knitting on anything right now. I have the pink felted purse sitting on the table at the point of being ready to shape for the handles, but I haven't picked it up in awhile. Today I crocheted on a doily for my mom. I'm going to have to bleach the poor thing as it was in my knitting bag with the shawl. Man oh man alpaca sheds. roflmao

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Jon said...


So how are we to pass judgement on your FO if there's no piccie?!?

Why would your dad care what you do during your time? Sheesh.