Monday, October 10, 2005

A little bitching, a little knitting

Why is it that some people can piss you off just by their mear presence? I ran into someone today that just totally pisses me off every time I see her. I'll give you some background info in as few words as I can muster. It is a long messy story though. During junior high and high school I had a best friend. She and I are cousins ( her dad and my grandpa were half brothers). We stayed best friends until the December after we turned 21. My other best friend was her 17 year old neice. In December, we were in a horrible car accident. I was driving. The neice died and both my best friend and I were each in the hospital for a couple weeks and off work for months. Mare didn't call me for like 6 months and when I tried to call her, her family hung up on me. Well about a year after that she stopped talking to me too. She has never met the kid and I haven't had an actual conversation with her in 5 years now. Every time we cross paths in she acts like I'm not there. Last month the folks had a garage sale and she and her sister showed up. When they saw me they turned around and walked out. It just totally pisses me off that she can ignore the fact that we were best friends for 13 years and shared absolutely everything. I don't remember the actual car accident, but the cops didn't find me at fault. She won't tell anyone what happened that night. I just don't get how people can turn their backs on someone they claimed to care about like a sister.

Ok, bitching over. On to the knitting.

I've got a few pictures for y'all. yeah they totally suck ass. I've got a crappy camera. Sue me. Better yet, buy me a camera. :OP Once I get some bills caught up and paid ahead I'll get a new one. This time, I'll pay more than $50. hehe

Here is an update on the shawl. I'm in the middle of the last chart. The bottom edge you see is actually the top of the shawl. I'm going to see if I can find an edging that I like in my stitch book. Not sure if I want points or curves. The charts just leave the edge striaght.

Here is a closeup. Yeah I know, still blurry as hell.

So here is a scan of the area near the center top. This is closer to the real color.

And here is the minibag that I'm knitting. It will be felted when I get it done. It's made with the Cascade 220 that my SP5 partner sent me.

Here is a scan of the skein so you can see just how bright pink it is.

Well, I hope y'all are happy with the update photos. If I was sure that I would be able to save pictures off of my mom's pc and actually have them show up on my pc, I would take pics with her camera. Much much better quality. I've had very little sucess transfering files and Mom hasn't got a photo editing program. Anyways, I'll have more updates laters. I've got an hour lunch break at work and I intend to work on the shawl to keep myself from spending tons of money at Wal-Mart. It is just way too close and tempting. hehe


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Becky in Iowa :O) said...

I hate spammers. They SUCK!! lol

FaeryCrafty said...

I'm really sorry that you went through all of that and then lost such a good friend. Hugs!

Jon said...

OK, here's the thing. Do you really want to continue to put energy to that? If she hates you, just imagine how much of her energy and soul are being consumed by that hatred.

Don't you want to just want to move on with your life? I'm sure you have but you seem to be carrying a lot of guilt or something around with you. I can imagine that you may feel better if you and she could just have it out, good or bad, but she may not be that strong a person. Or, she may be just terrified that you would treat her poorly.

Besides, isn't her name the name of a female horse? Cow more like.