Wednesday, February 15, 2006


That would be me to alpaca yarn. hehe I just ordered 5 skeins of sky blue alpaca yarn just like the stuff I made my shawl with. I've got 5 skeins of a heathered grey, but I want to make a light colored shawl first. Plus, the grey may end up being part of a sweater. hehe I also bid on a lot of 17 skeins of different colors. Heck, this may end up being my fair isle sweater. 20+ skeins of alpaca at 50g each when 5 skeins is approx 900 yards should be plenty for even my fat ass. heh

I unpinned my shawl last night and tried it on. It is huge!!! The point falls well below my butt and the ends are past my fingertips. To hell with it, I'm gonna measure it. It's 46" from the neck to the point and 86" along the long edge. WOW!!! I chickened out on asking Mom for the camera last night. I'm going to show her the shawl tomorrow and I'm gonna ask to borrow the camera so I can show some friends.

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