Thursday, February 09, 2006


for all your nice comments about my fair isle bag.

Jon asked if I was stranding or weaving. I guess I'm stranding. I did start out trying to weave when there were more than 5 skipped stitches. I gave that up when I realized there were never more than 6 skipped stitches. Plus, I'm sure I'll be lining the bag.

I'm really having fun with this bag. I'm using it as practice for doing a sweater for Nick and then for me. I've found some Lana Grossa Lino yarn on clearance in 7 colors. I'm like one step from ordering a bunch to make a sweater for Nick. I'm hoping the flax content will counter act the fact that it is cotton and keep it from stretching like hell. hehe Also I am pretty sure it is fingering or sport weight.

If I can't find a sweater pattern that I like, I'll do a bunch of messing around with colors in PSP with some fair isle patterns I have saved. When I find a combo I like, I'll do some swatching and use the sweater program to make a pattern.

I'll be doing the red sweater first though. I will have to figure out what weight it is before I can chose the pattern. But the yarn is in the closet and I got shit to finish before I dig it out. hehe I need to go through stuff and find all my wips and determine what is gonna get shitcanned and what I'm going to finish. I've got a bad case of startitis and not enough finish power.

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