Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I finally finished my Celtic Knot scarf. Pictures? Ummm no. hehe

Tomorrow after work, I'll block the scarf on the living room floor. I'll see if I can get a half decent picture of it. Unblocked it is about 64" long and about 6" wide. I doubt it will get any longer but I'm thinking it will get much wider.

I really want to finish up some of my UFOs before casting on anything new. I have narrowed down my search for a another sweater for Nick. It's down to a gansey and a fisherman sweater. I really want to do womething with a lot of texture to it. I'm going to use the red wool I got off of eBay last summer. I forget what weight it is though. I'm trying to keep myself from digging it out and swatching with it until I get a few more things done. hehe Who knows, maybe I'll finish my green sweater. snort I'm sure I'll start on my wool/hemp sweater way before I finish the green thing. hehe

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