Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Still alive

I'm just too damn tired to do much of anything lately.

I've discovered that I can't do fair isle work in bits and pieces. I need to be able to sit and knit for longer periods if I want it to look halfway decent. All the work that I did on my breaks at work is bunched up. I did quite a few rows tonight at Mom's. I'm actually one row away from finishing the second repeat and starting the bottom of the bag. The work I did tonight is actually fairly smooth when you take into count that the foreground color is a lighter weight yarn than the background. I think that when I start work on Nick's fair isle sweater, it will be smoother. All of the yarn is of the same brand and I don't intend to work on it at work.

I've got to work on a few baby things real soon though. My lil sister is having a baby in like 2 months and I just found out one of my brothers is having a baby this fall. Oh, I also kind of forgot that another of my brothers is getting married in September. Or is it August? hehe I still don't know what to make for the wedding. I kind of wanted to make them a chenille throw. But I gave them a blanket for Christmas. I suppose I could make them a cross stitch sampler. I haven't done any cross stitch in years though. sigh

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