Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I can't remember the last time I was as angry as I've been today.

I made Nick a plate of pancakes and came into my room to knit on a turban and watch some TV. I decided that I really needed to get my butt moving on a doily for my brother and his lady for their wedding.

As I walked into the kitchen area to get the pattern pages I had printed off yesterday, I saw what I thought was soda spilled on the floor.

I yelled at the kid to get his butt out there and clean it up.

Then I noticed that it wasn't soda but pancake syrup all over the dining area floor and into the kitchen.

He emptied about 1/4 of a bottle of syrup onto the floor. So I really started letting loose. I asked him what in the blue blazes gave him the idea that it was a good idea to pour syrup on the damn floor. I grabbed a wet towel and told him to get his butt working on cleaning it up.

Then I went to clean my feet off in the bathroom.

There I found the toilet stopped up with tons of toilet paper. The sink had toilet paper in it too.

In the process of unclogging the sink, the bathroom got half flooded.

I was so mad that I literally pissed my pants when I started yelling.

I guess there was a real reason being saying you are pissed when you are really mad. heheee

Never before in my life have I been that damn angry. Ok, so I did have to pee already when I started yelling. But damn, to actually pee your pants from yelling.

Part of the problem may have been the fact that I had a kidney stone that was buggin the hell out of me the last two days. That sort of messes with a persons ability to go and or hold it. Thankfully, the sob seems to have passed.

Wonder if it ended up on the bathroom floor. roflmao

It took me quite awhile to get all the water in the bathroom cleaned up and then all the syrup on the tiles.

I don't think the kid is going to be watching any TV for at least a week.

If it wasn't my mom's birthday today, he wouldn't be leaving his damn bedroom the whole week either.

Well I guess I should get my pissypants self over to my mom's house. She is going out to dinner with her best friend and then out to listen to her brother's band play.

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FaeryCrafty said...

You were litterally pissed!! I'm so sorry about your day. I hope you have fun at your mom's :) Happy birthday to her.