Friday, November 10, 2006


I haven't been feeling much when it comes to knitting. I have been slowly working on the second green sock. I can't seem to do more than a couple repeats at a time though. I've also cast on for another sweater. Yes, I know I have 2 sitting here that need to be worked on but well I'm a pita. hehe

I've been playing around a lot the last couple days with some graphics. As some of you may know, I make signature tags for people to use in e-mails. Well this afternoon I found a tutorial on making wallpapers for MSN Messenger. I had to do loads of tweaking to get a finished product that works right though. I uploaded a couple of my finished wallpapers to my tag site.

Check them out

I really like the kitty one. It is making me want to make some new Incredimail stationary. I don't have any of my stats uploaded yet. Maybe soon.

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