Saturday, November 04, 2006

God I'm a dork

Well, I filched my son's computer from my folk's house.

I had to pick the kid up after work because Mom has an early morning appointment. Yes that means my child stayed up past midnight tonight. He was sound asleep 5 minutes after we got home.

I basically told Mom that either she lets me borrow the computer for a couple days or we would be visiting tomorrow afternoon. She gave in. hehehe

So I quick went in the basement and disconnected the PC and stuffed the power cord into my coat pocket. I had to practically climb over my son's tent that is set up down there. I have no clue why the heck this thing is still set up. It's been down there for over a week. Anyways, I tossed the PC in the back seat and hit the road home.

When we got home one important thing was missing. The power cord. It was not in my pocket. It wasn't on the back seat with the PC. It wasn't on the front seat either.

Sooooo the power cord is somewhere in my folk's house. Either it fell out when I was crawling over the tent and trying not to bang into the church pew (don't ask) or it fell out when we were getting in the car.

So if I can't get the damn hard drive to format right and then work in my PC, I'm gonna have to run over to my folk's house and find the dang cord. sigh

In actual knitting news, all I have to do is weave in the ends and the hat is done for Rabbitch. It will go in the mail on Monday. There is no way I'll be at the post office before 9am. I don't intend to be awake before 9am. lol

Ok, now I need to get my ass to bed.

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