Monday, November 20, 2006

The job gods have smiled

Ok, so maybe they have just sighed a little bit.

The temp agency called and I've got a 2 day gig.

Over the summer I worked for a place that cleans up after fires and other such disasters. It would seem that the gods frowned upon some unfortunate soul and now I get to help clean up the mess.

Is it bad of me to hope that the mess is large enough that I'll be needed on Friday? Oh well, I'm probably going to hell anyway. lmao

There has been knitting. I just don't have pictures to share right now.

I did finally finish the hat for Rabbitch. In fact I've finished another one that should be good for a child. I've even started another one in red. Once that one is done, probably by the end of the week, I'll mail them off.

I also knit a hat for Nick. He was wearing a store bought hat and well it got a nasty run in it that I just didn't have the heart to fix. lol

I've also made a pretty dang good start on the fair isle sweater. Guessed which one yet? I've finished the first repeat of the second and third charts already.

The green socks are now the same length but I need to find my other size 1 addis cause 32" just isn't long enough for me to work two socks on. So, when I find it, I'll get back to those.

I'm gonna see if I can't snag Mom's other camera again. If I can, there will be pics this weekend.

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FaeryCrafty said...

Yay a job! Maybe it's the beginning of more jobs :)