Monday, November 27, 2006

A special thank you

to the person who invented power steering. TYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTY

Have you tried to drive a car without power steering lately???

My arms are sooooo sore. I was so tired last night that I completely forgot to mention that my power steering died just as I was getting off the highway. I had to stop and back up and try twice to get the dang car into the driveway.

More than once my car has acted stupid and then been just fine and dandy. So this morning, I went about my business and took the kid to school. Still no power steering. It's only a 5 or 6 block drive but OMG it sucked.

So I figured that maybe the power steering fluid just leaked out. It's happened to me before. I took the car over to Wal-Mart for a delayed oil change and told the guy to check the PS fluid for me. I did some Christmas shopping while I waited.

When the car was done, I asked one of the guys in the garage to show me where the PS fluid was at so I could check it should the check gauges light come back on. Well the dipshit couldn't find the PS fluid at all. Makes me wonder if the other guy checked it like I had asked. Well, while he was looking for the resivoir, he discovers that a very large belt was hanging off my engine. Makes me wonder if they even changed the damn oil or just parked the car in back and charged me for it.

So, long story short, I spent the next 4 hours sitting at the dealership while a real mechanic fixed my car. Turns out that a tensioner pulley on the serpentine belt went bad. The bearing inside it froze up and started to melt. This caused the belt to fall off. Which is why I had no power steering.

So now I'm pretty much broke. It cost me $237 bucks to fix the car. There goes all the money I had saved for Christmas presents. I had just officially started shopping this morning too. Spent about $50 on the kid. I'm not so sure I'll be spending much more than that on his this year. I guess I better finish his blanket that has been hiding for the last 2 years waiting for the ends to be woven in and edge to be crocheted on.

I've got some Susan Bates sock needles sets that I'm gonna put up on eBay this week. And I've got some other circulars that are doubles. Maybe I'll list those too. Plus I really should dig out my old cross stitch books and get rid of them. I haven't picked up any cross stitching since I was preggers. hehe I'm not quite desperate enough to list any of my knitting books. They look way too pretty sitting on my shelf to part with them yet. Maybe some of my crochet afghan books can go. Only problem with listing things on eBay is that I actually have to dig it out of storage, which means cleaning of some sort. Man I hate cleaning. heh

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