Monday, March 26, 2007

Wow! Pictures!!

hehe I took the camera outside cause I wanted to get some pictures of my latest WIP.

That pic is with the flash on. The color is a little light but I think the detail is pretty good.

This one is without the flash. The color is a little more true. To me, it looks like the color of well worn jeans. This is the latest mystery shawl from formerly Bo Peep's Wool Shop. It is going to be a triangular shetland. I'm liking how this one is looking. The pile of merino that pretends to be the 2nd mystery shawl is still sitting in it's bag waiting to be frogged.

I've been a bit distracted the last couple days though.

Man has it been just gorgeous here in Iowa. I do believe I'm going to be leaving the kitchen window open open tonight. :)

Dad had me distracted yesterday too.

He gave me this stupid frog painted plain green and a couple cans of spray paint. I painted it the way that he wanted. I think it is ugly as sin. I'm going to take a black sharpie and give it some irises before I take it over tomorrow. It was kind of tacky when I got it home, so I let it sit until yesterday. It is still a little tacky. In more ways that one. LOL

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FaeryCrafty said...

That is very pretty! I love the color.