Saturday, March 24, 2007


Finally feeling a little better here. For a few days there I just felt like hell. And I've been busy.

I went ahead and bought myself a domain name and got some hosting.


Tags By Frod!

I've been making tags for several years now and I already had several web sites all cobbled together. It was impossible to put all of my tags in the same place because I've just got too many. lol But now that is no longer a problem.

I've still got lots more tags to add to the site. There are already 3 more pages of tags uploaded and I just need to adjust some html before revealing them.

I have been doing a little bit of knitting and I've been going back through my stash. Y'all I can NOT believe how many UFOs I have hidden away in my closet and under my bed. LOL There was one scarf that I found that I had no clue what the pattern was. I could picture the site it came off of, but I had no clue the name of it and no clue where my copy of the pattern went to. Thanks to Knitting Pattern Central I was able to find the pattern again.

Recognize it?

How bout now?

Yup it's the Irish Hiking scarf. Unfortunately, I decided to make the scarf from Jack Frost Wintuk. Umm yeah, acrylic. Old acrylic. And it is on flexible plastic needles. Can we say ick? lmao I'm going to dig into the needle stash and see if I can't find a set of metal needles. Nick can have the scarf for next winter. Lord knows any scarf of his is going to have to be washed numerous times. Maybe I'll make it again in wool later. But not until I finish some other UFOs.

I know of one UFO that is probably going to end up being ripped out completely. Off and on I've been working on one of the old mystery shawls that Renee put out. Well day before yesterday I realized that I just hate the way it is looking. You can see it here and here. The thing is just too small. I've added repeats to it but it wasn't enough. And I really don't like the way the color changes go in different directions. Maybe some day, I'll make it using a nearly solid sport weight yarn. Maybe then it will be a bit bigger and the way the color changes are won't bother me so much. The part that makes this hard is that I'm almost done with the edge on the first side. So, it's like a whisker from being done. But, I just don't like it. :O(

I'm going to let it sit for a while longer. I can't bring myself to rip it out just yet. But I also can't bring myself to finish it. sigh

Ok, I'm off to work on the tag site for a bit.

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FaeryCrafty said...

Congrats! I hope you are feeling better.