Saturday, March 03, 2007

I am a ditz

I finished off the hat and booties for my cousin's baby last night. I tried to put the ribbon in them like my mom wanted. It just didn't work. The ribbon was just to wide. I would show them to you, but ya see, I didn't take any pictures. Cause, well, I'm a ditz. hehe

Mom and I had a nice time at the shower. We both won candles playing bingo. Sara made out big time. She is not going to have to buy the baby any clothes for at least the first year. hehe Everyone loved the hat and booties. Turns out one of my other cousins just taught herself how to knit, so I got to talk yarn with someone. Mom forbade me to knit during the baby shower though. She is mean that way. hehe

I'm about half a skein away from finishing the blue alpaca scarf. Well, I've got about half of the second skein left anyway. I'm not liking the length so far. I may have to start a 3rd one. I really just like long scarves. Right now, this is my main knitting. I really want to get some of my UFOs finished. I have way too many projects going right now.

I'm also working on the blue and white striped sweater for Nick. I ripped out the original and I've got about 3 inches of sleeve done so far. This is after ripping the same amount out once. My gauge was way off and it was skin tight. Not good. So far, the new sleeve is working much better. I'm really liking the yarn, Bernat Softee Baby. I don't care that it is 100% acrylic. This is some soft soft yarn. If the gauge wasn't so small, I would make myself a sweater out of it too.

I start the patient aid job tomorrow. Cross your fingers that it is just boring and not anything too difficult. Also cross your fingers that there is school tomorrow. lol The had half a day on Wednesday and then the rest of the week off because of the weather. Talk about cabin fever here folks. It is supposed to be nice this next week though.

Well, it's time to hit the sack. I got up way too damn early today. I just couldn't sleep for nothing last night. Hopefully, I'll be comatose 5 minutes after my head hits the pillow.

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Shoe Girl said...

Thanks so much for the yarn! It's even more prettier in real life. It was waiting for me when i got home from an especially trying day at work.