Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I R Slow

And tired too.

Here is my war wound.

Yeah I know it's pretty small and I am a wuss. lol Well I did go back to work afterwards. Most everyone I have talked to in the last few days asked if I got to go home. lol

Not much interesting going on around here. Fixed the plug on my son's vcr and snatched it for my own room. They messed around with the times for some of my favorite day time shows and I need 2 vcrs in order to record them now. hehe Don't feel to sorry for the kid about losing his vcr. It isn't like he has a tv in his room anymore. I still haven't bought a new tv for the living room so his is still out there. When he complained about losing his tv, I reminded him that I bought that tv a good 7 years before he was born. lol

I started on the Autumn mystery shawl from GoddessKnits.com. I've only got 30 rows done so far, so no pics yet. I'm using Fiddlesticks Knitting Country Silk in Spice. They no longer have the colorway that Renee was using but she recommended this one. I'm not totally in love with the yarn to tell ya the truth. When I wound the ball and took it off the winder, I actually broke the tail of the yarn off. I'm gonna have to be careful with this yarn. It's 50% wool, 30% silk and 20% nylon and 800m per 250g. Much thicker than what I usually use on shawls.

I've completed another row or two on the Galveston shawl. Not enough for progress pics yet. I haven't touched Etain aka the last mystery shawl. Nor have I been working on Swan Lake. Just too tired. In fact, I would love to take another nap just about now. Unfortunately, it is time for me to get ready to go get the munchkin from school. Cross your fingers that he behaved himself today.


FaeryCrafty said...

Ouchy! Hope you heal soon!

Snickerdoodle said...

Crap, I hate stitches. I hope you're feeling better! I'm not sure how to respond to comments from my blog. I wanted to say thanks for leaving me a comment! No one ever does, so sad for me. Anyway, I was complaining about trying to cross Tommy in front of my house. Your suggestion is a great one. I didn't make myself clear (I am such a doofus) in my post (sometimes I assume everyone knows me and where I live), I am crossing him in a crosswalk! I live across the street from a bank and there is a cross walk right at the end of my walkway. And no one stops! As for crossing guards, there aren't any this year due to budget cuts. I live in a small town that happens to be very poor (you'd never know it by the amount of taxes we pay). I could go on and on about the time I tried to cross the street at the post office, in a cross walk, with my daughter and someone actually beeped at me (to warn me that they weren't stopping and I should be aware that if we took one step more we would be run over), but that's for another day!