Friday, September 14, 2007

more proof

That I'm a complete and total klutz.

The pipe that we bend at work comes in bundles. These bundles are held together using metal banding. When it is time to use the pipe, we have to cut the metal banding off.

Today some metal banding attacked me.

At first I thought it was just another of the many many scratches I've gotten while working here. Ummm not quite. The banding hit my elbow. So long as I kept my arm straight there was very little blood. When I bent my arm, the blood started flowing like crazy and omg part of the cut was deep.

Supervisor guy, Fuzz, figured a couple bandaids would suffice. Thankfully one of the ladies that works in another area came over to use the computer and agreed that it looked bad. The bigwig in the office offered to call an ambulance or call ahead to the clinic for me. I opted for the call ahead.

TJ was a great help. He helped me get my work gloves off. He also got the gauze out and put some on for me and wrapped my arm in a pressure bandage. Turns out while I was gone, he was the one to clean up the drops on the floor too.

But anyways, once TJ had me ready for transport, I drove myself to the clinic. After about an hours wait for the doc to see me, I got 4 handy dandy stitches. I tell ya the Novocaine shots hurt like a bitch. By the time he sewed me up I was feeling no pain. I squirmed though cause the idea of him sewing up my elbow grossed me out. lol The nurse reused the pressure bandage that TJ put on my arm and in fact I'm still wearing it. Much easier than using tape or bandages.

Tomorrow after work my mom is going to clean my elbow good for me. Then maybe I'll take some pics to share with y'all. hehe

It's a little tender, but not real sore. Hurts about as much as if it had just been a good sized scratch. I'm just looking forward to tomorrow when I can take a real shower. I can't get a bag tied around my arm to keep the stitches dry. So I had to suffice with a quick bath. I hate my tub.

Ok, time to get the kid in bed and pass out myself. I hate getting up at 4:30am.


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Now what you need is a metal band to attack you ( was what i pictured when i first read it)
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