Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I knew it was too good to be true. The people that were gonna buy my folk's house backed out. It seems that the park owner told them something to scare them. The realtor wouldn't tell my folks what it was though. On Sept 1 his contract will be up. Then a friend of my dad's is going to buy the house directly from him. I'm still ticked though. The park owner has been after my dad ever since his handy man attacked my dad and my dad pressed charges. My dad was about 53 at the time. He has had several small strokes and was in a horrible car accident about 15 years ago that broke both of his legs. He is in no shape to fight anyone. This guy attacked my dad and was hitting him with a broom because he was "stealing" all the lawn work jobs in the neighborhood. The truth is that my dad is a personable guy (to those outside the family) who loves to cut the grass and run his snow blower. He is out there all the time working on stuff and the other guy is lucky to go do the lawns like once in 2 weeks. Dad did a better job so he got all the work and the handy man just couldn't take it. And these are supposed to be grown men. HA Dad is nice to most people, just not his own family for the most part. I'm sure I've whined about him a time or two on here. Tonight I just wanted to swat him a few times. He was getting on mine and mom's cases for not being able to read his mind. The only one he doesn't yell at is the kid.

Speaking of the kid. I thought he would be starting school next Friday. No such luck. They are delaying the start of school for a week because the new addition is not ready yet. His teacher actually phoned twice tonight trying to get ahold of me. I just wish the bus driver would get ahold of me. I have no clue if the kid will have to transfer buses or not. I know last year the kids that went to this particular school had to. They have redrawn the districts though. There aren't many kids around here being bussed out to that school.

Not much of anything interesting on the knitting front. Still plucking away on the stole and sweater. I'm still on a yarn diet. whaaaaa Next month maybe I'll be able to buy some new yarn. I had to buy the kid some new shirts for school this month. Plus I took advantage of the no tax weekend and bought myself some much needed bras. hehehe Gotta keep the girls under control when I'm out in public. Don't wanna give any black eyes to anyone. :OP


Anonymous said...

Hi Becky:
I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I can't believe the summer is nearly over. I decided to send you one big package rather than two smaller ones. I am going on vacation at the end of the month so I will get the package to you when I return, if that's ok. I wanted to send you a few souvenirs. Enjoy the rest of the summer! Happy Knitting, Your Secret Pal.

FaeryCrafty said...

I'm really sorry things are so tough right now. I hope it all gets better soon. Hugs!