Friday, August 05, 2005


Once again I've been a bad blogger. I've been awful tired the last couple days. Getting up at 5:30 was not fun the other day. The seats in the bus were not comfortable at all. My poor butt was dang sore by the time we got to the zoo. The kid had a blast though. His favorite part was when the penguins finally decided to swim. He just thought it was so funny. I thought the lion cubs were pretty cool. There were 3 males and 2 females that were only 9 months old but I swear they looked full grown. We also got to see their parents in another enclosure. It was so cool hearing the male roaring. He kept it up for a couple minutes before settling down for a nap. All in all it was a great day. Granted I was pretty darn sore from all the walking though.

I got quite a bit of knitting done on the shawl/wrap. I didn't really realize that it is a 28 row repeat though. hehe It is a pretty stitch pattern though. It is pattern 273 from The New Knitting Stitch Library by Lesley Stanfield. The chart is a little confusing, but I think I've figured it out so far. I'm doing 12 repeats in each row. I'm not sure how long I'll make it. I just know that I want it long enough for me to wear. It isn't lacey enough for the future sis-in-law to wear at her wedding. Thankfully it sounds like my mom has impressed it upon her that I do NOT want to be involved in the wedding other than being a guest. They are having a very small wedding but I so do not want to be in it. The kid is going to be a ring bearer. He has no clue about the wedding though. We rarely see my bro and his gf.

I've almost got all the 9 inch dpns made. Well all but 3 are sanded anyway. My hands were getting pretty sore the last time I worked on them. I dunno if I'm going to take the time to wax them before doing the neck on my sweater. I so need to get working on it. I won't be getting much chance to work on it the next week or so. My folks got the loan for the new house and they have been moving and cleaning all week. The carpets are being cleaned today and tomorrow the furniture will start being moved in. I can't help move anything large, but I still intend to help. I love the new house. It has more closet space than I have living space in my house. hehehe

Ok, time to get ready to do some school shopping with my mom and the kid. She wants to buy him new shoes even though he just got a new pair like a month ago. shrug

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FaeryCrafty said...

Don't worry about being a "bad blogger". Sometimes you just gotta take a break.