Friday, August 12, 2005

I am sick in the head


I always have some sort of game open while I'm online surfing. you see, I connect at a whopping 28.2k. My saving grace is that I have NetZero HiSpeed. It compresses all of the graphics for me. If I want to see a picture better, I can download it at full resolution. Anyways, pages still load pretty slow for me if there are any graphics. So I play games while the pages load or I have more than one page open. I'll read one while another is loading and then switch.

Normally I play SolitairesForFree. I think I downloaded it from There are tons of different types of solitaire for me to play. I usually play Yukon, Canfield, and Capuchin. Although for about two months I played Backbone exclusively. If I'm not playing solitaire, I have Minesweeper open. I have a custom board set up. It has 99 bombs and is as large as allowed. I lose way way more than I win, but I still think it is a cool game. It took me awhile to figure out what the hell the point ways. Did I mention that I hate to look at the game rules? hehe It is more fun to just jump in and die a few times. :OP

My latest addiction is Tumblebugs. I downloaded the trial version from Yahoo and used up the free 60 minutes in one sitting. After the initial session is done, they let you play for 2 minutes at a time. Thank the gods it saves your game. I would restart the damn thing about 10 times before I got pissed and shut it off. Well a dear angel friend of mine that doesn't blog took pity on me and gave me the full version. I have some wonderful giving friends on-line. Anyway I've had the full version for about a week now. There are 12 sections to the game that each have 5 - 7 levels. I managed to beat the final level of the game tonight. :O) When I can't sleep I read or I play games. Or maybe it is that I don't sleep because I want to read or game instead? hehehe You pick. I so need to cut out the caffeine at night. Maybe I would sleep a lil better. I loathe taking the sleeping pills that the doctor gave me. They do knock me out but they don't solve the problem in the long run. ackkk No messy stuff tonight. I'm in a fairly good mood and I don't care to get serious. Hush damn it. I can be serious on occasion. Quit yer giggling. :OP

Ok, time to set up some more mail to download and get my happy ass to bed. Be well.

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FaeryCrafty said...

My mom is totally addicted to Heehee