Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Thanks y'all

Thanks to all of you that have left comments lately. If you hadn't already guessed, I'm a bit of a complainer. hehe When I'm up at night with no one to talk to I get a bit down. A friend of mine has been irritating me a little bit lately and it was starting to build up a bit. It isn't really her fault but I was getting annoyed. Basically I've just been a bit grumpy lately. No real reason, although being broke is not helping. I need to get some motivation and get some leaflets listed on eBay. I've got a bunch of cross stitch leaflets that are just taking up space. I haven't cross stitched in years and with my eyes getting worse it doesn't look like I'll ever really get back to it. As a kid I was cross eyed, so as I get older my eyes are wandering more and more. It really makes counting little squares pretty hard to do. Oh well, I've still got knitting and crochet. I like the feel of the yarn and thread anyway. hehe

As far as my various health problems go, yes I've had all the normal tests done. Thyroid, liver, kidneys and heart are all fine. My cholesterol is a little high and I try to stay away from sweets as my blood sugar is close to borderline. Nothing that needs medical intervention at this point. It is a good thing I'm not much into candy and such. Just give me a Snickers or some ice cream once in awhile and I'm happy. The last time I had my blood pressure checked it was a bit high, but that could have been because I wasn't feeling well. My bp is almost always on the low side of normal. Drives my mother crazy. :O) She has high blood pressure and is convinced that my salt usage is going to do me in. I tell her that if I didn't use so much salt I would prolly pass out from low bp. hehe

I'm still plucking away at my wrap. I've got an error in my last row that is giving me fits, so I'm going to put it down for a bit. I'm going to finish up the doily for my mom first. I've been looking for some knitted doily patterns just to try something different. Not much luck so far. I've got oodles of crocheted patterns though. So no worries on finding something to make on the doily front. I have no clue how many Mom wants though. We shall see.

Time to get it in gear and get some shopping done. oh joy

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