Friday, April 27, 2007

Do not try this at home.

Ok, I just got the scare of a lifetime. I was getting ready to grab a snack before getting the junior monkeyman from school. I went into the kitchen and both sides of the sink were completely full of water!

I had run the dishwasher and I swear I checked to see if the drains were open. I know they were open because I had poured something down the drain earlier. But now they were both closed.

At first I thought I had lucked out because there was no water on the edge of the counter in front of the sink. And then I remembered that my counter slopes back towards the wall and to the left. And of course the microwave is on the counter in the corner to the left of the sink. I was so sure the damn thing was gonna blow up on me.

Thankfully, the microwave is on little feet and the water didn't get very high on the counter. There was a nice puddle of water on the counter though. And under the stove. I put a fan in the kitchen to dry the water cause I'm not movin the damn stove.

My poor cookbooks are never going to be the same though. It's only been about an hour but I swear there is a spot on the inside of one of the covers that looks like mold already. Two of the cookbooks have their pages stuck together. I'm going to have to get them wet again and try and pry them apart. I used my hair dryer on the other 2 and they aren't too bad. I wonder if I can't put the books in the oven on a super low temp with the door open for awhile to dry them a little faster. Too scary to try it though. lol

On a knitting note, here are some more pictures of the teal mystery shawl.

Clue 4 pinned out a little to show the stitches better.
A close up of 4 repeats of the edging. I added an extra row of the zig zag to make it wider.

You can see more pictures of the shawl by clicking on the handy dandy Flickr badge over on the left. I tried to post a badge with just the mystery shawl pics, but I guess blogger doesn't allow them in a post itself.

Ok, I'm off to try and save my other 2 books

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FaeryCrafty said...

Your shawls are looking beautiful!