Friday, April 06, 2007

I'm not avoiding you

I swear I'm not.

I've just been a bit busy. Last night I had to knit a baby hat for my mom. She wanted a completed hat before I left her house. She has no clue just how slowly I knit. hehe I did manage to finish knitting it but I didn't get the ends weaved in. She will get the finished hat tomorrow. It helps that the baby was only 5lbs. Didn't have to make a big one or anything. I even added a lil bit of texture to it. I'll get a picture of it tomorrow. I'm a tad tired tonight.

I spent all day long cleaning house. I had let the dishes and wash pile up a bit. I've just got a couple pans and the dinner dishes from tonight to wash in the morning. The major part of the mess today was my son's room. OMG the kid is a damn pig. Ok so he takes after his mother in the neatness arena. :OP

But anyways, it took me and my mom about 3 hours to clean everything in there. We cleaned out his closet and his toy boxes. I already had 2 totes of his stuff out in the garage but I hadn't really gone through it for the garage sale, so I brought it in.

In total, we had 2 full totes, a small laundry basket, a duffel bag and a large black garbage bag full of things for the garage sale. There was half a tote of books. A tote and a half of clothes. The rest was movies and toys. We got him to get rid of his Power Ranger and Rescue Heros tapes and toys. I sooo hate the Power Rangers. We also got rid of all of his Rugrat and Tellytubbies tapes too. I will miss the Rugrats tapes. I quite enjoy watching them.

The kid's room is totally clean now though. I do believe I'll take a picture of that tomorrow too. hehe He has 2 half empty totes of toys in his closet and several small totes full of cars and legos. There is actually room in his dresser for all of his clothes now. hehe

OK, now I need to hit the sack. I really need to finish clue 2 of the current mystery shawl. I've got about 10 rows to go I think, but the new clue comes out tomorrow. hehe Night all!

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