Thursday, April 26, 2007


I am tired.

Horrible tired. But it is my own fault.

Finally had Nick's parent/teacher conference today. Not totally happy with what I heard. He is doing find academically. He is just having some trouble with getting his words down on paper. Wonder where he gets that from? lol His reading and math are both right on track.

It's his behavior that is the problem. He is an only child. My folks have no other grandkids. Yes I've mentioned nieces and nephews. Long long story, but Nick has never seen any of them. Neither have I for that matter, but that isn't the story I'm trying to tell. There are only a couple kids that live on our street. There are quite a few in the apartments behind us, but Nick has shown no interest in going down there and playing with anyone. Basically, our street has 8 apartments in 4 duplexes. Including Nick, there are 8 kinds. May seem like a lot, but 4 of them are 3 yrs or younger. And he doesn't really like the other 3. The oldest girl is a total freakin witch and I don't want him playing with her.

So basically, He doesn't have much experience dealing with other kids other than at school. He has been in school since he was 3 1/2, but that really doesn't give him much chance to try and make friends. He is kind of shy just like his mommy. So he doesn't really know how to approach the other kids. I'm afraid he is following in my footsteps there. I went to 10 schools before graduating high school. I kind of gave up on trying to make friends because I didn't see the point. We were going to end up moving away again anyway, so why try? So, I'm horrible at trying to make friends. So now Nick isn't sure how to do it.

And of course, the lil shit is just as stubborn as I am. When he doesn't want to do something, he won't. When he doesn't want to participate, he mumbles and won't look at the teacher. She has to constantly work with him on speaking up. He doesn't know how to take turns very well either. He doesn't understand why he can't be first all the time. I mean, really, he gets to be first at home so why not at school?? Well that is his thinking anyway.

Found out today that when they have a substitute teacher, his behavior really acts up. He thinks he can get away with being a butt cause the sub won't know better. I guess one time it got so bad that he tried to hit the sub!! I so with they would have let me know about that when it happened. He would not have been a happy camper. I'm not even sure when it happened, so I dunno how I should go about dealing with it.

So, mentally, that has me kind of worn out. When I got home it was lunch time, so I made a pot pie. Was in the middle of eating it when I realized I had a voice mail message from Mom. Turns out it was taco salad day at the cafeteria. I've got a $10 gift certificate, so she told me to come over. Well, who am I to pass up taco salad. I figured that I would bring it home and eat it later. I don't mind cold taco salad. Well Mom put it on a regular plate, so I had to eat it there. Not sure why she did that cause I never eat there. So basically, I'm stuffed to the gills and ready for a damn nap.

But I can't nap. Cause lil Mr. Nick gets off of school in a half hour. I'm not one of those people that can take a cat nap. I always wake up more tired and usually with a headache. Yes I know that I usually have a headache anyway, but no sense in making it any worse.

Can't take a nap when he gets home cause Dr Phil will be on and today's show is supposed to be real good. Some total SOB that totally messes with his wife and faked a vasectomy so she would have sex with him again. Maybe after that I'll take a snooze.

I should be working on the purple shawl. I'm only about a row from finishing the 3rd clue. Then I'll get some pics for an update. I'm afraid that there just aren't enough pictures in my flickr album to make for a very good badge over there. It looks like all the pics are the same. hehe

Ok, time to go get a cold Pepsi and see if the caffeine will perk me up.

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