Monday, April 30, 2007

Better pictures

Finally got some better pictures of the mystery shawl. You would think with all the sheets I own that I would have had a white one somewhere. Um no. They all had flowers or designs on them.

Well, no more. Mom gave me a set of her sheets that are an off white, almost cream color.

So now we got better pictures!!

Some of the center of the shawl. The other part of the center is still bunched up on the needles.
A good look at the border area.
A close up of the edging. The original chart was for only one of the zig zags going along. I added 6 stitches to add another zig to the zag. Cause it's hip hop. Ok, I just scared myself. lol
And here is the progress on the edge at this point. I think there are 14 repeats now. I'm thinking at least another 10 or so before the bottom point. I never did try the math to see how many repeats there was supposed to be.

I guess we shall see.

Big shocker. I'm working tomorrow. Just one day working for the place that cleans up after fires. Seems that someone had an oops in their apartment. Cross your fingers that I don't fall asleep at lunch time. hehehe

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Tracy said...

Thought I'd make your day and post to your blog!....(I followed you here from Lucia's LOL)

Wow your lace is fabulous!

Take care neighbor,
Tracy in Illinois