Friday, April 20, 2007

owww owww whiiinneeeee

note to self: Sunscreen, even applied twice, will not save you if you sit in direct sunlight for close to 4 hours.

note to self part 2: Next year, you are not allowed to volunteer to help with the garage sale.

Mom had to work this morning, so I volunteered to help Dad get the garage sale going early instead of waiting until late afternoon. After the set up, I sat in direct sunlight on a clear day from about 10:30 until about 2:30. I knew my face was getting a bit red. I had applied sunscreen twice and quite liberally.

It didn't help.

My whole face is a nice bright shade of red that only belongs on tomatoes and lobsters. I have one nasty sore blister on the bridge of my nose. I'm surprised my eyeballs aren't completely toasted seeing as my glass are nothing more than glorified prisms. I guess for once the whole squinting thing worked out for the better.

I was sane enough to not wear shorts today. So, my legs aren't all nice and toasty tonight. But my arms and hands are a pretty pink. No blisters that I can see though. But I must admit that this is the first time that I've sunburned the backs of my hands. I suppose it is from knitting during the down time instead of holding a book. I got a few rows done on the green mystery shawl. Nothing major though.

Ok, time to go point my fan at my bed and see if I can't sleep.

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