Tuesday, May 29, 2007

*sniff* *sniff*

When it comes to being sick, I become the biggest fucking baby around. I feel so damn horrible today. My hole body aches and the skin below my nose is raw.

I let the kid stay home from school today. He was coughing real rough this morning. I figured it would be better to have him stay home than have him disrupt class. He pretty much stayed in his room and left me alone. Except when he came running in to tell me something and smacked his knee on my door. I swear he started whining about not wanting to die. hehehe He must have hit a nerve or something cause he bawled for awhile.

I spent most of my day surfing the web. I spent quite a while over at Kevin Smith's blog, My Boring Ass Life. Yeah, sometimes he goes for awhile without posting, but sometimes he posts quite a bit. Found a series of stores he told last year about trying to get Jason Mewes off drugs and that led me to the story about when his dad died. I bawled my own head off a couple times today. I'm thinking I'm a lil hormonal besides being sicker than shit. LOL He really is an awesome writer when he isn't busy off promoting a movie. That is when the posts get real sparse and sometimes just turn into him listing off appearances.

The yarn was dry this afternoon, so I balled it and started the new mystery shawl. I did take the swift outside and take pics of the yarn before I wound it up. I just haven't felt like getting the pics onto the puter and uploading em. I've got about 6 rows left in clue 1. I'll take pics when it is done and upload em. I really like the way the colors turned out. I had been shooting for something a lil bit darker but I think it looks real cool. It's sort of like a tye-dyed shirt really. I forgot to use some eucalan in the water when i rinsed it, so the colors might fade some more. We shall see when the shawl is done and I wash it before blocking.

Ok, off to drug myself up and pass out. Maybe I'll be able to breath tomorrow.


Michelle said...

I hope you both feel better soon!

FaeryCrafty said...

Feel better soon!!! :)