Monday, May 28, 2007

Can't sleep

I can't sleep because I so can not breath. My sinuses are totally blocked. Turned on the humidifier and put some vaporizer stuff in it. Yeah I know it don't go in there but I'm not waking the kid to dig the vaporizer out of his closet.

I saw that AmpuTeeHee had a post up, which led me to this.

Froddopsycho --


A hermit living in the big city

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at
Way way too accurate. If not for my son, I could spend weeks without going out in the real world. I swear, if I had insurance, I could make some psychiatrist very very rich.
Leno is a repeat tonight, so I was flipping channels. Doesn't take very long. I get CBS in real fuzzy, NBC, ABC, PBS and the CW. I actually have the same PBS station on 2 channels. If one is real fuzzy, the other usually comes in better. The CW comes in really fuzzy, but there was some sort of music awards show on. Turns out it was the World Music Awards. I would link to the site, but it really sucks. (google it if you really wanna see) Anyways they gave the Diamond Award to Michael Jackson. I swear to God when he was saying his thanks that he did actually call his youngest child Blanket. Now I thought that is just what the press called the child. I know the man is nuts as can be, but to actually call your child blanket is just too much.
I'm pretty sure that this award show really happened much earlier in the year, cause I think I remember hearing someone complain about the fact that when MJ was supposed to be singing, he just let the child chorus behind him sing and he just stood there. Which is pretty much what happened. Sheesh. All the people in the place yellin for him and prolly peeing in their pants cause they are so excited to see the freak and he can't sing a lil for them.
This is part of the reason that I don't do concerts. Well ok most of it is me being cheap. If someone wanted to take me to a concert and pay for it, I would go. Well if it was someone cool and all anyway. I think my lil bro Nick wants me to go to a concert at the fair with him and his gf at the end of July. Not sure if he was just blowing smoke or if he meant it. Last time I spoke to him before he fixed the car last week was back in December. We aren't very close at all. I'm not close to any of my sibs really. Haven't spoken to my step brother in prolly 3 years. Haven't seen my oldest brother in prolly 6 years. Wasn't invited to his wedding. Haven't seen his kids. Been about 15 yrs since I've seen my step sister. About 3 yrs since I've seen my lil sister.
I do see my mom's son about once a month or so. Whenever he decides to come home. He is usually the one I'm talking about when I mention my lil brother. He is the one that has my computer. Turns out he was home Saturday but mom didn't call me cause of Nick being sick and not wanting to deal with his being very annoying when he is sick. Joe brought my hard drives home cause he says the motherboard is fried. Oh yeah. I am not thrilled at having to build a new pc. I was going to see if I could run one of my hard drives on this ole pc but well I feel icky and didn't get around to it.
Maybe tomorrow.
If I can breath.
I think I'm gonna have to give up and dig out some vapor rub. Man I hate that shit. Will have to find a different night shirt cause I don't want the vapor rub all over my damn bed. This one is like a long tank top. Too much chest showing to risk it.

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Mrs. H said...

Hope you feel better quick. Spring/summer colds suck big time!