Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More Progress

Finally got the 4th chart done on the Galveston mystery shawl. It really is a fast knit, I'm just a lil slow. hehe

The color is pretty close on this picture. It is about 22 inches across at this point.

Here is the straight section. I sooo love this stitch pattern. I've got some more laceweight yarn from the same store, and I think I might make a sweater with this pattern on it somewhere. The other yarn is a yellow/orange combo.

And here is the corner sections that represents the waves. This is the part that keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. lol 7 repeats in the next chart I think.

My skein is starting to look a little deflated. I have a couple more skeins in the stash. I'll ball them up as needed.

I just barely survived the job yesterday. OMG do my legs hurt now. The apartment was on the second floor of an old brick storefront. I swear the stairs were nearly straight up. I am NOT a small person and by the end of the day, I just soo did not want to climb those stairs. Heck I took my last break upstairs sitting on a ladder.

We were supposed to have 4 people cleaning, but 2 didn't show. I spent the first part of the day cleaning up after the other gal. She couldn't clean a window to save her life. And forget getting paint off of the trim. We were just cleaning up after a remodel, so no smoke damage. Just lots and lots of dust. The old guy that used to live there must have been a smoker because the windows were brown with tar.

And now, I'm going to finish reading my mail and head to bed. I'm still pooped. hehe


FaeryCrafty said...

Woohooo! You are getting there!

Anonymous said...

awesome job Bec... keep up the great work...